Short Delay (7/13/2020) but New Outings

Hey ThunderKid readers! Just wanted to let you know that the next update will be a bit late (likely this Friday July 17th or Monday July 20th) due to being a two-pager. However the button gives you a preview of the completed lineart so please look forward to the continuation of Chapter 6.

In other news, ThunderKid will be heading to Carroll County Maryland next month for the Carroll County Farmers Market in Westminster Maryland. We’ll be there on August 1st and 15th and September 5th. Future dates to be confirmed. So if you are in the area check out our first volume, our ThunderKid dolls, and ultimately a preview of our newest printed book series ThunderKid The Icenoz Kingodm Adventures!

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  • Lucasmatias1

    chapter 6 is turning out to be a long chapter haha

    • admin

      It’s going be 78 pages when all is said and done!

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