Happy New Year! And while I’m at it, Happy New ThunderKid! I’m happy to announce that the comic will be returning month within the next two weeks!

Chapter 6 The New Kingdom Icenoz and the Freezan Knight continues the adventures of Denki and his friends in the world of Atmos. As Denki is on his way to the Freezan (ice Celians) and Snowada (snow Celians) kingdom of Icenoz, Strato deploys a new Warrior of the Storm Joltoh to scout the same place! Fortunately, Denki and Flarai will meet some new friends along the way, including two kid citizens Ciclia and Flaeka, and the prince knight of Icenoz Hailo del Icenoz! But will they be prepared for the coming storm?

The new comic will be a fully redone version of the original comic story, and our first comic story done in full color! The new comic will also boast a roughly 78 page adventure whereas the original story was only 46 pages. This is due to some story revision where the dialogue, paneling, and plot will be a little different this time. That’s a lot of new content so it’s just as if this is a completely new adventure!

I’ll let you know when we set on a launch date pretty soon! Until then!

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