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ThunderKid Fanart

Iccielle by Aqua Clode Sketch by Chika Haruka, Haruka, Haruka by Oonie Natsumi and Fuyuki by KaiyouNoYume Fuyuki and Haruka: Happy 3rd Anniversary by Marshmellow Muffin Natsumi Birthday Pic by Selenaloong Peruvian Denki by Monkee626 Magic Fuyuki and Flarai by Monkee626.jpg Skateboard Aki by Monkee626 Scottish Natsumi by Monkee626

Nature Haruka by Monkee626 Joltoh by Vervain Queen of Spades Ula by Chikage Ula-Ula-Ula by GuineaPiggy Denki the ThunderKid by Danno Strato and Blizzana by Selenaloong Blizzana and Strato by Marshmellow Muffin Umi Raiyama by KaiyouNoYume (aka Sweetness) Merry Christmas Denki by KotoriK Put on a Show by Selenaloong

Ula, Ula, Ula! by Rihsa DREAM Natsumi by Anime610 Icenoz Cast: Hailo, Iccille, and Ciclia by Marshmellow Muffin Riseness Snowla by Marshmellow Muffin Haruka's Bodyguard by Monkee626 Snowla by Marshmellow Muffin Natsumi, Haruka, Fuyuki, and Flarai by Selenaloong Main Kid Cast by Marshmellow Muffin ThunderKid Denki by Sakura Chu Pretty Natsumi by Otomiya Haine

Haruka and Denki by Selenaloong Winged Natsumi by Otomiya Haine Haruka and Denki by Marshmellow Muffin Denki and Flarai by SuperJustinBros Clode by GuineaPiggy Blizzana2 by Marshmellow Muffin Blizzana by Marshmellow Muffin Denki by Yuy Ren Thunderkid21 by Selenaloong DREAM Natsumi by Marshmellow Muffin

Haruka by Ki Hiwatari Thunderkid by Selenaloong Thunderkid by Ran Haruka and Natsumi fanarts1 by Marshmellow Muffin ThunderKid by Anime610 Denki Raiyama Fanart by Rihsa
ThunderKid Art
Joltoh Floaty Aki and Clode Darling Haruka and Denki Denki, Haruka, and Flarai Card Fancy Young Ladies Snow Angels Icenoz Girls Aki, Natsumi, and Fuyuki (Cover) Denki, Haruka, and Flarai (Cover) Cutie Card Clode

Sweet, Sweet Children Icenoz Boys Clode and Aki in the Park Pool Party Dancing Clodu and Flarai Dancing Cume and Ula Dancing Haruka and Denki Dancing Natsumi and Fuyuki Dancing Aki and Clode Icenoz Court

Big, Big, Cake Clode and Clodu Aki, Clode, and Clodu Denki, Haruka, and Flarai in the Sky Happy Valentine's Day from Natsumi Blizzana Hayride in Altos Ula Celebration Chibi Kids: Girls and Boys Haruka and Denki

Denki and Flarai Ula and Denki Kids in Ulus Chibi Kids Natsumi's Escorts Spring Party Kids Natsumi and Fuyuki Fuyuki Natsumi Aki

Haruka Denki Kids
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