Welcome to the Art Gallery where we keep all of our ThunderKid fan art!

Denki Raiyama Fanart by Rihsa

ThunderKid by Anime610

Haruka Natsumi fanart by Marshmallow Muffin

Thunderkid by Ran

Thunderkid by Selenaloong

Haruka by KiHiwatari

Natsumi sketches by Marshmallow Muffin

Thunderkid 21 by Selenaloong

Denki by YuyRen

Blizzana by Marshmallow Muffin

Blizzana2 by Marshmellow Muffin

Clode by GuineaPiggy

ThunderKid Denki and Flarai by Superjustinbros2

Haruka Denki by Marshmallow Muffin

Winged Natsumi by Haine

Haruka Denki by Selenaloong

Pretty Natsumi by Haine

Thunderkid Kids

Main Kid Cast by Marshmallow Muffin

Natsumi Haruka Fuyuki Flarai by Selenaloong

Snowla by Marshmellow Muffin

Harukas Bodyguard by Monkee626

Rise by Marshmallow Muffin

Icenoz Cast by Marshmallow Muffin

Natsumi by Anime610

Ula Ula Ula by Rihsa

Put on a Show by Selenaloong

Merry Christmas by Kotori

Umi Raiyama by KaiyouNoYume

Blizzana and Strato by Marshmallow Muffin

Strato Blizzana by Selenaloong

ThunderKid by Danno

Ula Ula Ula by GuineaPiggy

Ula by Chikage

Joltoh by Vervain

Nature Haruka by Monkee626

Scottish Natsumi by Monkee626

Skateboard Aki by Monkee626

Magic Fuyuki and Flarai by Monkee626

Peruvian Denki by Monkee626

Natsumi Birthday Pic by Selenaloong

Fuyuki and Haruka 3rd Anniversary by Marshmallow Muffin

Natsumi Fuyuki by KaiyouNoYume

TK Haruka by Oonie

Clode Sketch by Chika

iccielle by Aqua

Blizzana by Chikage

Happy Birthday ReuS by KaiyouNoYume

Horsecuddle by Selenaloong

Natsumi by Maika

Christmas Clode and Aki by Marshmallow Muffin

Natsumi by Haiyun

ThunderKid by Guinevere

Thunderkid by Kokoro Hane

Tshirt by Mappy

Clodu by Sarah

Clode and Snodra by Unknown





Hey Thunder Kids! You can send us your fan art too! Just make us your favorite characters and then send pictures of it to us at thunderkidmanga@gmail.com. Then we’ll post it here! Don’t forget to send us your name! Hope we can see your art real soon!


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