The World of Atmos

What is Atmos?  Think of a place that’s one part fairy tale and one part weather and you’ve got it!  Atmos is another world above the clouds that maintains an old world style where people (the Celians), animals, and other creatures have the power of weather.  Though Atmos exists in  parallel with Earth, it is completely invisible to regular people below.   Only by passing through the lowest available cloud with a Celian in hand can a normal person (a Terran) see and enter the land of Atmos.

The Celians are the local natives of the world of Atmos.  There are different types of Celians just as there are different types of weather!

The Vaploud (Cloud Celians)
If they wanted to, the Vaploud could make just about any type of precipitation such as rain, snow, and hail; but most are more than content with sticking to clouds.  The Vaploud are the most numerous race of all Celians so you can find one almost anywhere in the world of Atmos.  It’s been said that the first Vaploud spread global trade and mercantilism throughout Atmos in the old days.  A Vaploud is best characterized by his or her hair which takes after the four main types of clouds: cumulus, stratus, cirrus, and nimbus.  The hair (as well as the eyes) can be any color of the rainbow and the females typically have elfin ears.

Notable Vaplouds in ThunderKid: Ula, Cume, Clode, and Strato

The Light-Nin (Lightning Celians)
When it comes to speed, few Celians can come close to the Light-Nin.  Capable of traveling short distances both on foot and in air, the Light-Nin are among the best athletes in Atmos let alone the world.  Now you know where Denki gets his speed!  A typical Light-Nin has bright spiky hair and elf shaped ears, however the males will have an extra cleft in the ear making it look like a thunderbolt.

Notable Light-Nin in ThunderKid: Denki (half), Col (half), Joltoh

The Thundran (Thunder Celians)
If the Light-Nin are known for their speed, their cousins the Thundran are known for their keen sense of sound.  It’s no surprise that some of the greatest composers of music were from this group of Celians.  Thundrans are characterized by their wavy hair and elfin ears, however as children, the Thundran will have rounded ears until they get older.

Notable Thundran in ThunderKid: Denki (half)

The Freezan (Ice Celians)
They say that the Freezans are northern and southern relatives of the Aquan (Rain Celians).  Despite their blue skin, Freezans are as fleshy as any person, however their skin is tougher than most Celians and they are also lighter than most people of the same size.  The old Freezans used to be well known blacksmiths in weaponry, metals, and other iron works.  They are known for their white spiky hair and dark blue skin as well as elfin ears.

Notable Freezan in ThunderKid: Prince Hailo, Ciclia, Col (half), Iccielle, IceIce, Queen Sleena, Blizzana (half)

The Snowada (Snow Celians)
Having the same lineage, the Snowada will often live in the same regions as their cousins the Freezans.  If you thought that the Freezans were light, the Snowada make them look really heavy by comparison!  They are well known in the arts and crafts world particularly in sculpting and designing.  Though  the Snowada have elf ears, they are different to the Freezan in that they have soft white hair and a much lighter blue skin than their cousins.  They also have a snowflake shaped iris which like real snowflakes is unique to each person.

Notable Snowada in ThunderKid: Flaeka, Flurriza, Snowla, Snowdo, Blizzana (half)