What is ThunderKid?
Welcome to the world of ThunderKid! Get ready to join in the tales and adventures of five typical ten year old kids. Denki is a perky, fun loving boy who’s a little dense and loopy but has a huge soft spot for crying girls. His best friend Haruka is a bossy yet kind little girl who loves to try new things almost every day. Aki’s a pretty cool boy who’s a little jerky but a really softy at heart. The sweet and bubbly girly girl Natsumi is everyone’s biggest fan and dear friend. And the shy Fuyuki is very timid but he is very brave when it really counts.

Little do these kids know that a baby snake that falls from the sky and thunderstorm that follows will open up the secrets of a fantastic new aerial world called Atmos and a set of high-flying weather-filled adventures too. Join the kids as they experience new adventures filled with fun, excitement, love, and discovery in both worlds!